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Triathlon Training from basics to advanced athletes.

Multi sport training is different then training for a single sport.  There is a big difference in approaching a triathlon to reach a the finish line.   Let us help you achieve your goals!

Looking to join a team or find a coach, we can help.  Tri Life racing as a team supports like no other. 

Unlimited access to all Tri Life Racing coached & supported group workouts in swim, bike & run.

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The Wheel Has Already Been Invented And Perfected!

Progress more quickly by tapping into years of triathlon experience found in Coach Sean.  Coach Sean has coached over 600 athletes to achieve their goals.  Some of these athletes were part of group training programs with team goals.  Other athletes have had specific goals or life challenges or limitations that required a very personal approach to help them achieve their dreams.

What Are Your Dreams?

Whatever your answer Coach Sean can join you in your athletic journey.  Coaching budding athletes to their first 5k, hardening the seasoned athlete to whittle seconds from their qualifying race to National Championships, or helping a stay-at-home mom swim straighter with less energy expenditure so she can bike and run easier to finish the race, this is what Coach Sean aspires to do!  Help athletes achieve their dreams…..even when the confidence is not there just yet. 

Live Impacting Coaching and Support are part of the package.

Everything You Need To Cross The Finish line

Learn The Skills Needed To Finish!

Gain Self Confidence!

Swim Efficiently!

Pool And Open Water

Clinics- Swim, Bike, Transition

Metabolic Efficiency

Heart Rate Training 

Your Own Coach 

Training Plan

Coach Sean can help you with coaching.  We offer plans, private, custom, and group training.  Click here for details