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We value our athletes and want you to succeed.  No matter what your goals are health and safety are a priority.   Every person is different and every training plan will be customized and modified to help you meet your goals.

To discuss your training options that will fit you best, coaching philosophy, nutrition, or any other information you may need we offer a Advice/Consultation for only $75.  No commitment is required.  If you decide on a coaching plan the fee will be put toward the option you decide on. Usually covers 1-2 hours of time.  

Coaching Services

Bronze Plan

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Customized training prescription in Swim Bike Run Swim Bike Run Nutrition Strength swim bike run
conference calls or meeting 30 min every 2 weeks 30 min every week 60 min every 2 weeks
Selected Races “A” race Only “A & B” race “A & B” race
Online account with Training Peaks Basic Premium Premium
General nutrition Discussion at start of training Ongoing talk, and training nutrition race plan Monitoring of nutrition, training and race plans/guidance
Training Plan updated/modified Every Month Every two weeks Weekly - Unlimited
Coach contact Once a week via text or email Unlimited email/text Unlimited Email/Text
Private sessions available Addition Cost Addition Cost 2 Per month
Team Membership during Coaching Yes Yes Yes
Swim Pool Video Analysis Additional Cost Addition Cost Included
commitment required 3 month 6 month 6 month
Set Up Fee: $100 $150 $150
$159/mo $295/mo $495/mo

Athlete will be required to fill out questionnaire, credit cared authorization form, and be able to access all training on Training Peaks.